Adressing Climate Change
in Alpine Space Municipalities

Conference Agenda and Presentations

Morning session
Afternoon session
  • Poster-Session / in parallel: press conference
  • Workshops
  • Plenary session: Reporting of workshop outcomes
  • Issuing of conference key statements
End of the conference



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In early 2014, the municipality of Marignier began working on the issues of vulnerability of the territory regarding the effects of climate change. In February, the first workshop was an opportunity to gather together several local key players on the topic of climate, energy and socio-economic issues for the community.

On 19.4.2014 the Council of Municipality of Kranj approved the submitted Sustainable Enery Action Plan (SEAP). In the SEAP different actions are presented which envisage at least 21% or 19,878 tCO2 reduction of CO2 emission by 2020. Finally, the SEAP was submitted to the Covenant of Mayors Office for review and approval.

Mayors Adapt, the Covenant of Mayors Initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change, has been set up in March 2014 to engage municipalities on climate change adaptation and to support them in taking action. First cities like Bologna in Italy or the City of Worms in Germany have already signed the commitment.

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