Adressing Climate Change
in Alpine Space Municipalities

Conference Agenda and Presentations

Morning session
Afternoon session
  • Poster-Session / in parallel: press conference
  • Workshops
  • Plenary session: Reporting of workshop outcomes
  • Issuing of conference key statements
End of the conference



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SEAP_Alps attended the C3-Alps final conference which was held on October 14, 2014 in the City Hall of Vienna. C3-Alps is one of more than 60 projects within the European Alpine Space Programme and the title of the conference was: “From knowledge to action – Alpine Regions adapting to climate change”.

Save the date: Fom April 22-24, 2015, Climate Alliance will hold its International Annual Conference in the city of Dresden, Germany. One of the highlights will be a forum with the title: “Integration of Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change” with project representatives of SEAP_Alps, REGKLAM Dresden and the Mayor Adapt Initiative. The forum will take place on April 23.

The Province of Turin represented SEAP_Alps project during the first training session of “MAYORS IN ACTION“ project that took place in Genoa last March 26. It has been an opportunity to present the project activities at over 20 Coordinators and Supporters of the Covenant of Mayors. In the magnificent location of the Hall of the Council of the Province of Genoa, partners met for the first time for an exchange of experiences, methodologies and ideas.

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