Adressing Climate Change
in Alpine Space Municipalities

Conference Agenda and Presentations

Morning session
Afternoon session
  • Poster-Session / in parallel: press conference
  • Workshops
  • Plenary session: Reporting of workshop outcomes
  • Issuing of conference key statements
End of the conference



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Germany’s town with the highest elevation, Wertach, celebrated the finalization of its energy concept after a year of intense work and discussion. In the end, it’s the result of numerous meetings of the local energy working group and the Energy and Environmental centre Allgäu, eza!, who coordinated the local activities in the frame of the Alpine Space project SEAP_Alps.

The SEAP document is extremely important for the local community in a rural area, where activities focus on a sustainable and energy efficient way. Coordinated by RA Sinergija, three Slovenian pilot municipalities are participating in the project: municipalities of Puconci,Turnišče and Kuzma. They have set up working groups to help in the preparation of the SEAP document.

Within the SEAP_Alps project a methodology to plan the investments for the renovation of public buildings has been developed (APPI). The aims of this work was to test, at local level, the 2012/27/EU Directive, which is imposing for the central government buildings, the refurbishment of at least the 3% of the total floor area each year, from the 2014.

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