Adressing Climate Change
in Alpine Space Municipalities

Conference Agenda and Presentations

Morning session
Afternoon session
  • Poster-Session / in parallel: press conference
  • Workshops
  • Plenary session: Reporting of workshop outcomes
  • Issuing of conference key statements
End of the conference



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For more than 20 years, municipalities across Europe have been spending time on climate change mitigation actions, committing themselves to voluntary greenhouse gas emission targets and setting up action programmes to combat climate change. Local Authorities play a key role in the mitigation process, but mitigation is not sufficient anymore since climate change is already taking place. The world's climate system has such long response times that experts agree that climate change can no longer be halted completely.

The small Alpine town of Wertach with approximately 2,500 inhabitants lies at 915 meters above sea level at the foot of Grünten mountain. This makes Wertach Germany’s highest market town. Mayor Eberhard Jehle welcomes the opportunity to develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

Sestriere 2035

Sestriere, at 2035 meters above the sea level, is the highest municipality in Italy. Known mainly for its winter tourism on the ski area called "Via Lattea", Sestriere started, few years ago, a route on energy and environmental sustainability, combining the protection of the territory to the support of the local economy.

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